Hiring a Lawyer can be a Life or Death Decision

Houston, TX Law Enforcement is Aggressive

Prosecutorial Misconduct in Harris County is too.

People are arrested every day in Houston, TX. In the unfortunate unlikelihood that a law abiding Texan is booked and jailed because of an illegal act, they’ll need a criminal defense law firm to help them fight back against the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. The Harris County criminal law enforcement apparatus has had it’s woes with prosecutorial misconduct in lots of different areas such as intentional trial delays and selective prosecution.

If you’re facing criminal charges the you are in desperate need of legal counsel in Houston, TX. When involved with such situations it is highly important to take your time and hire the most skilled criminal justice attorney that you can find for your case.

Some people feel their cases are so severe that they don’t stand a chance.

This is the wrong attitude to have.

Whether you’re criminally charged with a sex crime such as statutory rape, possession of child pornography, aggravated sexual assault, a misdemeanor offense such as Drunk Driving, or a federally prosecutable charge like interstate drug trafficking, you can probably get a better outcome than you may believe possible with the assistance of a skilled defense attorney.

Use Wisdom When Hiring a Lawyer

It’s not uncommon for people to be wooed into law firms as victims of excellent advertising campaigns and timely mailers. Some of the lawyers and law firms behind these advertising campaigns are excellent attorneys, but do they have the time and the resources to provide highly competent legal services to their clients?

If a person is facing 20 years in prison after being caught red-handed with 20 kilos of cocaine and a dead body do they deserve a fair trial?

A good lawyer?

Is it fair to presume their innocence?

The fact that these are even questions justifies the services that top Houston criminal defense lawyers extend to their clients. Every one that’s arrested ain’t guilty and every one in jail ain’t either. Some of the folks in jail had poor lawyers or lawyers who were too busy to provide decent legal services. Don’t be this person.

If you’re arrested for a criminal offense in Houston, Baytown, Conroe, Galveston, Katy, Fort Bend, or League City, contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Good luck.

Hochglaube & DeBorde, PC
3515 Fannin St
Houston, TX 77004
Phone: 713-526-6300

Bennett & Bennett
917 Franklin St FL 4
Houston, TX, 77002
Phone: 713-224-1747

Barbara Hudson Law Office
4615 Southwest Fwy #820
Houston, TX 77027
Phone: 713-621-1971

Jack B. Carroll & Associates
1419 Franklin St.
Houston, TX 77002
Phone: 713-228-4607

Cory Roth Law Office
4306 Yoakum Blvd #240
Houston, TX 77006
Phone: 713-864-3400

The Law Offices of Ned Barnett
8441 Gulf Fwy Ste 210
Houston, TX 77017
Phone: 713-222-6767

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